The Texas Karate League is Proud to Host the...

2017 Eagle Invitational

February 11, 2017



Ennis High School

Texas Karate League is proud to host the 2017 Eagle Invitational!

This year's tournament is Febrauary 11, 2017 at Ennis High School Located At:


  Don't miss out on this excellent tournament!!!

2016 Eagle Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2016 Eagle Award winners. The Eagle award is presented to the Competitiors in their division who obtained the most points throughout the year. 


 Pictured Above:  (3rd Row) Mike Capehart - Advanced Executive Men - Self, Kenneth Dailey - Beginner Men - Self, Jenny Lynn Burns - Intermediate Executive Women - Self, Mike Petersen - Executive Black Belt Men - Johnson.
(2nd Row) Aaron Seeling - Advanced Men - Seeling, Carlos Hidalgo - 16-17 Advanced Boys - Kestenbaum/Henry, Kelly Johnson - Intermediate Women - Kestenbaum/Henry, Helen Williamson-Elliot - Black Belt Executive Women - Johnson, Jennifer Hurley - Advanced Executive Women - Nelson, Rachel McKenna - 12-14 Advanced Girls - Nelson, Rebekah Black - Advanced Women - Johnson, Xavier Keegan - 10-11 Advanced Boys - Shelton
(1st Row) Liam McCracken - Black Belt Men - Kestenbaum/Henry, Sokol Kurtesi - 12-13 Intermediate Boys - Seeling, Brandon Martinez - 8-9 Advanced - Shelton, Zaria Howard - 5-7 Advanced - Shelton

The TKL Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for 2016 are David Kestenbaum from  The Lone Star Institute of Taekwondo, Jackie Self from Ennis Black Belt Academy, Mike Johnson from Texas Black Belt Academy, and Wade Nelson from The American Black Belt Academy.

TKL Referee Advisors Board


The Texas Karate League Referee Advisors are appointed positions by the TKL Directors with staggering terms of three to six years.  The  role of the TKL Referee Advisors is to promote integrity, fair process, collaboration and innovation for gained efficiencies. This year's  Texas Karate League Referee Advisors are Mike Petersen, Paul Hill and Leslie Hillhouse. Onsite Physician is Maria Fisher.



The referees and judges will protect the integrity of the competition and the physical safety of the competitor. 

Referee and judges are a "team", working together to "get it right" and progress the superior competitor. 


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